You can sure say that music has been my big love up from my childhood years. I got my first guitar from my uncle when I was 13, and I began just playing and playing, teaching all the chords to myself with a little help from my friends. At the age of 17 I founded my first band, called the Third Break, together with drummer Simon Oppliger and keyboard player Phil Leutert. Around that time I had a short engagement with a blues band called The Feelgoods, who needed a bass player for their gig. It was my first gig ever!

Some time later I began to record my own songs on a four-track recording console and recognized that a lot of people were amazed by these songs.

In 1992 I joined the local hard rock band "Cryder" playing the bass guitar. Soon I began to bring my own songs into their playlist. It was the beginning of a long fruitful time in the rock'n'roll world....

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The Third Break 1983-1985

Top to bottom:
Simon Oppliger
Phil Leutert
Tobey Vines.

The Feelgoods 1983

First ever gig with a band called The Feelgoods. Don't even remember their names...

Cryder 1992-1998

Rehearsing with Cryder 1998