Together with Cryder I had lots of gigs every year in clubs and pubs, but also on bigger stages. It was the time we gained lots of fans and grew quite famous locally. People loved our raw sound and our unique stage show.

When singer Dan Feiner left the band in 1998, the band searched for a second guitarist and a keyboard player and reformed under the name "Target". Having been a constant member and songwriter for the band, I became lead singer in that new line-up. Also lots of gigging with the new line-up, gaining even more people who loved the development to a fine, more distinctive sound.

Target 1998-2001

Left to right: Marcel Koller, Phil Wilde, Tom Zoller, To- bey Vines, Pete Oppliger.

Siam 2001

Sarah Fischer, Tobey Vines

Mental Grip 2001-2003

Left to Right: Chris Mory, Luke Danna, Tobey Vines, Manfred Job

After playing almost 10 years in that band, I had the strong wish to do something completely different. I left the band and began work for another of my solo records in my own home studio. During that time I met Sarah Fischer; a 22 year old singer. I was impressed by Fischer's beautiful and clear voice and one day we decided to make a record together. We called ourselves "Siam" and recorded a seven song mini-album which found big respect in the expert world.

Unfortunately, me and Fischer were too far away from each other as far as age is concerned (I was 36, Fischer was 22). One day we broke the project up, and I joined Mental Grip, an art rock band from Oberwil, Switzerland, playing the bass. After a good time with Mental Grip and some very successful concerts, I left the band to finally do what I wanted to do: Another solo CD! In 2006 I founded my own band, although you can mostly see me in the studio these days. The new Unique album released in 2013 marks the beginning of a brand new era.

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